Journalism in the Digital Age

Multimedia-Storytelling-788x470Looking back in time, the journalistic landscape has changed dramatically. From Print Journalism, to Broadcast Journalism, and in most recent years, to digital Journalism. Individually, the digital era has affected each one of these landscapes uniquely.

Digital Journalism, or online journalism is a contemporary form that places emphasis on distribution through the internet as opposed to traditional print and broadcast media. What actually constitutes what digital journalism is, is up to debate. The only common ground here, is the featuring of current event in all forms of presentation (text, video, audio, etc). Why do people choose to go into digital journalism?

The most obvious appeal of it, is lowered distribution costs, it’s a click and share business and is relatively cheaply marketed. Downsides of doing so, are poor credibility of the sources. When everyone is able to write and share articles online, the line that shows which sort of sources are to be trusted becomes a more defined one. This creates a lack of control in information shared, as was previously done through traditional media.

One of the benefits of doing digital journalism is the degree of freedom and creativity allowed by not having to go through publishers and editing before being exposed online. The writer can express the desired message and do so creatively and in their own way.

The other end of this is integrity and responsibility. Once you choose to write out about current events, the responsibility behind the message you are broadcasting and the implications behind it all fall upon you, the writer. However, digital journalism is something fairly new to the industry, and there is no clear definition given. Mu Lin argues that “Web and mobile platforms demand us to adopt a platform-free mindset for an all-inclusive production approach – create the contents first, then distribute via appropriate platforms.” That is to say that there exists freedom on the internet to post content regardless of what is said.

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